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Why Companies Choose to Outsource to HBE

We Know
HBE West was built specifically for the long-term care (LTC) , Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and pharmacy industries. Our origins are deeply rooted in the struggle to control inefficiencies and drive better performance.

We Understand
We want to share the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the last ten years, and help you be a more successful facility by effectively managing your hardware purchasing and support. We provide plug-and-play solutions for purchasing computers, printers, barcode scanners, and a wide variety of products and leading technologies that are required to optimally operate your facilities.

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We Can Help
Reining in your cost and providing a consistent workflow should be a top priority. Our outsourcing and support services will help you gain control of your spending, so you can worry about what maters most – your residents. We focus on hardware purchases so you can focus on care!

Why HBE West
What if you opened your bank statement this month and discovered that everywhere you shopped had charged you 5% more than it was supposed to? Would you even notice? Such a small percentage could easily go unseen but those dollars can add up quickly. These mistakes happen all the time. The frustration of trying to find the right equipment; sorting through multiple websites, gathering information for comparisons, and then upfront demands for payments for necessary hardware to operate your business. On top of that, you are met with terrible support and hours on the phone trying to get your questions answered. pport you need on the equipment you are purchasing. The healthcare market is no exception, but fortunately, you can gain peace of mind by using HBE West and our custom services.

HBE West was founded out of the post-acute care market to specifically service long-term care and skilled nursing, and pharmacy facilities. After years in the industry, HBE West seeks to build trust, support, and a simple workflow process that works for your unique environment and organizational's needs. Unlike massive Internet vendors (i.e., CDW, Insight, Zones) that do not understand the day-to-day operations and applicable uses of the hardware being purchased and unique support needs.

Marquis “We outsourced our IT Hardware purchasing to HBE West in 2008, they have not only exceeded our expectations but we rely heavily on them for their custom warrantees and level of customer services. HBE West seamlessly handles all desktops, laptops, printers and networking appliances for our company. They install pre-configured software applications, test the hardware and direct ship. Our technology purchasing process has dramatically improved and we highly recommend HBE West to a growing organization." ~ John Baker; Director of Technology; Marquis Companies

Why Outsource
For businesses of all sizes, business process outsourcing (BPO), taking a specific project, task, or service to a third party, is fairly common. Outsourcing hardware purchasing, and support fall into this category. According to IT management, many companies turn to IT outsourcing for access to otherwise unavailable resources, staffing capabilities, knowledge sets, hardware and infrastructure access, or other capabilities. Here are a few of the reasons companies are outsourcing IT hardware purchasing:

• Flexibility - Companies in transition, particularly those that are rapidly growing, moving, initiating new projects or merging with other organizations, like the flexibility provided by an outsourcing company. Especially in long-term care (LTC), skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and closed door pharmacy arrangements, IT purchasing / support needs to be consistent and have quick response times. Instead of hiring new employees for temporary projects or straining internal resources, your leadership team will find peace of mind that the onboarding of new facilities will be done with a complete turnkey approach that is approved by your organization, on time, within budget and with the customer support levels you expect.

• Expertise - One of the most popular reasons for outsourcing any project or task is to get access to expert knowledge and expertise that current employees can’t provide. Understanding the unique needs of the users and environment in the LTC / SNF / rehabilitation and pharmacy environments for close door pharmacies is our expertise. We are acutely aware of not only healthcare requirements for information security, hardware requirements, and applications that are used, that we will exceed your expectations in preparing your equipment for shipment and support all of your follow-up needs. Our support services include custom warranties that exceed manufacturer's, and our skilled team members pre-install key applications, test equipment and ensure that each of your purchases are plug and play – ready to be put into service upon receipt.

• Access to Resources - One of the most common outsourcing reasons is availability to resources, understanding of market, competitive features, consistent hardware performance, employee availability, pricing, purchase request workflow, and much more.

• Savings - Cost savings from outsourcing can be dramatic. IT companies are often able to provide access to services, equipment and warranties at more competitive rates, with benfits to clients including improvements in budgeting, workflow and support. HBE West's clients are invoiced based on approved purchase order workflows and the budgeted processes.

Our Experience
HBE West's services were built specifically for the healthcare industry, because it’s our industry too. The years we spent in the trenches, working with owned and managed skilled nursing facilities, brought to light the many pain points that operators experience today. The demand for custom “repeatable” workflows surrounding consistent hardware from printer to desktops and laptops, is critical. We want to share with you the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained over the last 10 years, and help you be a more successful facility by more effectively managing your hardware expenses.